Tenant Support Information

Reporting Maintenance Problems or Repairs

To report a repair please email lettings@adamsestateagents.com or call us on 01242 603601. Our office is open Monday – Friday 9am to 5.30pm and 9am to 3pm Saturdays. We’ve put together some common problems and trouble-shooting tips below in our ‘Help for Tenants’ maintenance guide which may well help you if there is an issue, especially if you need help out of office hours.

See our ‘Help for Tenants’ Guide here

Emergency Repairs

Please ensure that only emergencies are reported to our contractors out of hours if we are not available – an emergency is any situation that could cause imminent danger to yourself or others or severe damage to the property. Some examples of such maintenance concerns that cannot wait include: broken water lines or frozen/burst pipes, broken external doors or locks meaning you cannot secure the property, a Gas leak, a severe sewer back-up or flood, Electrical safety issues, Carbon Monoxide detection.

Advice on how to deal with other common maintenance issues, however, is listed below in our ‘HELP FOR TENANTS’ Guide and this should be referred to and unresolved problems reported to us. Please review the below downloadable document carefully with instructions on what is and what isn’t an emergency, and some helpful tips on how to resolve minor issues yourself if possible. If you still think it’s an emergency and you require a contractor’s attendance to make the property safe, then see below our emergency contractor details for you to call.

Out of Hours Emergency Contacts:

If we manage your property and you experience an ‘out of hours’ emergency, we have listed below contractors that you can contact for assistance. Please note that if the issue is not deemed an emergency or a landlord responsibility, you may be held liable for their bill. Please first refer to common problems and trouble-shooting tips detailed on our downloadable Tenant Help Guide as this will avoid unnecessary call-outs. Please wait to speak with us during office hours to resolve your issue whenever possible.

Gas Emergency

If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak please call the National Grid service on 0800 111 999 and they will respond immediately.

Plumbing and Heating Engineers (Your gas safety certificate will refer to one of these contractors)

Gary Wills & Co – Telephone 01242 620634 or 07879611614

Rob Shackleton – 01242 602115


Ellis Electrical – Telephone le: 07973 816523


Select Services – Steve Castledine Telephone 07840415093