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Helping to Combat Climate Change

Helping to Combat Climate Change

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Epic3 to help tackle climate change. Epic3 is a social enterprise that helps businesses make a positive contribution to the environment.

Like many, we are increasingly concerned about the impact we are all having on our planet and we believe Epic3 is a great initiative for businesses, so by choosing Adams you will be helping us with this cause.

We know our customers care about climate change and want to see us all take action. Being climate positive is not only good for the planet but good for our business. Environmentally aware clients are now choosing to do business with climate conscious companies who care about the environment.

So, what is happening?

We have made a commitment as a partner of Epic3 to plant trees on a regular basis. Epic3 will handle the tree planting for us and each tree we plant will make a difference. We have added a little tree icon to our home page so you can view our ‘tree count’ via the Epic3 dashboard. Through Epic 100 trees will be planted for every house sold by Adams.

Also, Epic3 will be delivering climate positive education to children thanks to the financial support we have provided.

Every tree we plant will sequester 4lbs of CO2 per year (approx.). Delivery of climate change workshops in schools can have the potential to reduce the annual CO2 production per individual by 2.5tonnes.

Why Epic3? Planting trees is a must to eliminate all the extra CO2 mankind is producing but what we really love is their ethos to support future generations in understanding what is happening to our planet and how they can help. Raising environmentally conscious children will give them the tools to fight the challenges ahead.

Covid-19 has brought additional challenges to our world that we could never have imagined, but that doesn’t mean climate change can be ignored. We must find ways to alter our lifestyles and support projects that not only reverse the damage done but help future generations understand how to look after our planet.

Joining Epic3 has empowered us to help support the fight against climate change right now and considering the difficult times we’ve all been facing lately, that feels good!

Adams Estate Agents and www.epic3.org

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